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    In this world, we see growth spurts, limited resources, international negotiations, downturns and conflicts. So we made this Challenge reflect this.

    The players in the Challenge will face the crucial trade-off between long-term sustainability and short-term economic growth.


    What will the future look like? Will you step in and participate in the action?


    The Challenges were designed by Perspectivity

    to improve our grasp on important complex issues.


    Our central question is:

    Why is it so difficult for us - the people on this planet who need to share their resources with each other - to strive for the good of all?

  • We designed these Challenges for you...

    which one will you try ?


    We have designed several Challenges and we even have custom made Challenges.

    We played them on (almost) all continents. Choose a Challenge of your taste &

    Join the worldwide experience of The Perspectivity Challenges

    Remember all Challenges have a similar set up - but do vary from each other!


    The food challenge deals with the question of how we can sustainably feed a growing world population. Should you invest in intensive or organic farms? Play local or global? Can we prevent ourselves from disasters?


    & the Next Nexus!

    The interconnected challenges at the nexus of energy, water and food will strongly shape the future. In this game you may play a company, seeking a secure market for your production. You may play a country desperately short of water. You will face land shortages, real or imagined. Innovation, boycotts, partnerships, price fluctuations, free trade, bad harvests, turbulence: it’s all in the game.


    Players face the crucial trade-off between long term sustainability and short term economic growth. Can you deal with the complex problem of climate change?


    Participants are responsible to optimise the performance of their unit in an or ganisation. Will you manage to get tasks accomplished, deal with tension, to handle conflicts, to spend your budget wisely and satisfy staff?


    Should we use hard security (intelligence, police, military forces) or soft security (diplomacy, negotiation, dialogue) in order to build a secure society? How to build meaningful and trustful engagement and partnership with civil society on security matters? Developed together with the Human Security Collective.


    In the Public Health Challenge players experience the dilemmas of how to pay for healthcare investments, medicines and research. Is it better to invest local or global? And which health products offer the best return on investment, preventative or curative products?

  • Decide what's right. It's your call.

    So how does this Challenge work? Have a look at how it's played.

    Strategise. Decide. Collaborate - or not. It's up to you.

    Warning: Our Challenges might get you hooked for life...!


    Challenges are everywhere. This board game travels the globe!


    In recent years the Perspectivity Challenge has been requested for following organisations:

    • Companies like Shell, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, DSM, 
    • NGOs like Greenpeace
    • Universities like University of Amsterdam, The Cambridge Climate Leadership Programme (UK), London School of Economics (UK), MIT (USA) 
    • International institutes like the World Bank in Washington, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, India
    • Asian Forum on Global Governance in New Delhi,  in Singapore in the Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers and Manila John Clements Consultants / Harvard Business Publishing
    • Diplomactic missions like the Balkan diplomats at the Clingendael Institute 

    " What a simple board game can tell us about our own behavior…"

    - Participant Climate Challenge

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    On agreement we arrive with a Challenge box and a Game Leader (1 or more) to facilitate the event for you. Enjoy your serious gaming experience!

  • Perspectivity

    Why does this Challenge matter?

    What's behind it all? And who?


    Those are a lot of questions! And rightly so!

    In current times of increasing complexity,

    the blue prints we've been holding onto,

    are not working for us anymore in the best way.

    At Perspectivity we believe we need different tools and processes

    that acknowledge and use the power of complexity and diversity.

    Do you want to know more?


    Do you want to deal with the old or bring in the new?

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    an interesting way to create new chances networks and friends!

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    Did you enjoy interacting with the Game Leader in you Challenge? Would you'd like to run Challenges yourself? Then we have good news for you! We organise Train-the-Trainers for individuals interested in becoming a Game Leader. A training is necessary for becoming a Game Leader from Perspectivity. We have a far stretching global community of Game Leaders, check them out!

    Please contact us at info@perspectivit.org

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    Join and stay connected in a world wide network. Some of our Game Leaders (GL) have travelled to the other side of the pond to meet with local GL and start new networks there! Yes, as far as New Zealand goes. We have had GL's in Singapore, India, England, Canada, Us and the list goes on! Who wouldn't like to be part of a global network, with a dedication around complex issues, advanced decision making and well...fun ? :)

    For any questions please contact us at info@perspectivit.org

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